[Healeys] Testing condenser

Ron Fine ronfineesq at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 3 21:24:47 MDT 2018

Is there a simple way to test a distributor condenser out of the car?  

After many years of easy driving, my Healey suddenly quit on me, without warning.  Fortunately, it was in front of my home after coming back from the local drive.
I found a sticking float valve on the front carb.  Cleaned that out and tried to restart without success.  Next I looked into the distributor, and after cleaning the points and cap it still would not start.  I decided to change out the condenser which I know from past experience can go bad.  That seemed to make the difference. But, I have several new and a few used condensers in my inventory.  I would like to try to test them to keep the good ones and reduce my clutter of unusable parts.

Any suggestions other than installing it in a car to see if it works?


Ron Fine
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