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Albert Seminatore alsemus1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 16:36:35 MST 2018

Bob ans others interested in this topic.  I just returned from CA to have
my SU Fuel pump, with the conversion adjusted and another repaired. I had
talked to Dave and he said he wasn't accepting any new work/ The place that
did the work is
  Biship Mark
  107 Lancaster
  Walnut Creek,  CA  94595

Mark purchased the business while in England in 2008.  If there ever is an
SU fuel pump or carnerator part needed I do believe he has it.  His entire
garage is filled with parts -- racks floor to ceiling with enough of room
to sidestep through.  He also has a machine to make English threads and
drill out the carbs for replacement shafts.

It took him one day to complete repair of the two pumps.  He mentioned that
he makes a replacement diaphragm that holds up to the ethanol fuel.  He
also cautioned about letting these pumps sit for a prolonged period of time.

His prices are great.  I would suggest giving him a call and see what he
....................    Al


Albert Seminatore
Mountain Falls, Pahrump, NV
eMail:  alsemus1 at gmail.com
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