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Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Thu Nov 15 18:27:57 MST 2018

     The after market heater matrix I bought from Ahead 4 Healeys just arrived today.  Very quick delivery considering how far it came.  I just wanted to give my impression of this product.  First of all the new heater matrix weighs as much as the whole heater unit with the original matrix installed.  It does not have the two rubber locating buttons glued to the back plate to position the motor frame.  While that is not a big deal in itself, I would have expected them to be there if I had paid $800 to Moss for the matrix.  I only paid $363 to Ahead 4 Healeys for the matrix and of course the British Pound dropped against the dollar today, never mind the fact that PayPal had their own exchange rate that added an addition $25 to the deal.  After all that, it still beats the pants off of Moss, even with the 50 Pound shipping charge.  I also bought the BN1/2 version of the three clips because they were substantially cheaper, but I do not like the fit of them.  They clip over the motor frame "leg" perfectly, but barely hold onto the front cover edge.  It is going to require some grinding of one end of the clip to get it to hold on the way it should.  Nothing ever fits the way it should.  I also bought the rheostat switch for the blower motor.  With the knob it was $40.  Compare that to the Moss price of $138 just for the switch.  The badges for the cover (after painting it with black wrinkle paint) were $5 each compared to $15 at Moss.  So, a couple of things to complain about, but certainly no complaint about the cost compared to the 800 pound gorilla in the room (Moss).     Now how the heck do I wire this rheostat to the motor and how does the whole assembly mount to the firewall in the passenger compartment?Mike MacLean

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