[Healeys] Non-adjustable hub/boss

Al Fuller al at bighealey.org
Wed Nov 14 21:27:06 MST 2018

Mike – thanks for taking this on.  Please feel free to forward my comments below to Moto-Lita.


On my 1962 Austin-Healey 3000 BT-7 [since sold], when I purchased the car the prior owner had installed a new Moto-Lita steering wheel and boss B-6 [“non-adjustable”].  Installed with the steering wheel  / hub was a decorative horn-push, which was not wired to the horn.  A picture of the horn push button is attached.  See similar horn buttons here <http://www.classicowheels.com/hornbuttons.htm> , and here <https://www.britishcarcentre.fr/fr/austin-healey/100-1006-3000/steering/29657/horn-button-moto-lita-hub-only/sg4900.html> .


I did receive the standard Austin-Healey trafficator in a box of parts, but when I tried to install I found the interference between the hub and trafficator.  Several machine shops refused to even try the machining, and I wound up at a broaching shop in Orange County, Ca which did the work.  The owner and long-time machinist later told me it looked at first like it would be straightforward, but in fact it required truing the hub and several different cuts to make it fit right.  The trafficator fit perfectly after that.  A picture of the trafficator installed in the hub is attached [but the steering wheel is off in that picture, as the car was undergoing work].


Al Fuller

'65 BJ-8

'85 Rx-7


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Hello folks. I am attempting to work with Moto-Lita to permanently fix an issue with their non-adjustable, steering wheel boss kit.  The problem is specific to the turn signal cancelation lever that installs at the bottom of the hub interior. It requires a platform at the bottom with a raised center which the lever fits around. Additionally, it is my understanding that the side wall of the hub must be machined slightly to allow clearance for the tab. I have received detail information from Curt Arndt, Lynn Martin, and Roger Moment. I have also received feedback from customers when the hub was delivered without proper corrections. 


I have been fixing them here ever since I received feedback about it but know that I sent many out before fully understanding the problem. I have asked Moto-Lita to correct the problem and have sent them detail measurements and pictures to aid in the explanation. Moto-Lita seems to think they are doing this just for me and have reported: “this is not something that has been brought to my attention before”, which puzzles me greatly. I am asking all of you who have had experience installing Moto-Lita non-adjustable hubs (B6) to provide me with your feedback specific to the fitting of the signal cancelation level.  


As a related note, the Moss product has the same issue, probably from having copied the Moto-Lita hub, but they do report the problem when selling, which means that they expect the customer to correct it. 


If you have experience with the Moto-Lita hub – and please do not confuse it with the Moss product – please let me know and I will forward that on to Moto-Lita. 


Mike Lempert
 <http://www.lempertwheels.com> http://www.lempertwheels.com

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