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Wed Nov 14 12:48:46 MST 2018

Hello folks. I am attempting to work with Moto-Lita to permanently fix an issue with their non-adjustable, steering wheel boss kit.  The problem is specific to the turn signal cancelation lever that installs at the bottom of the hub interior. It requires a platform at the bottom with a raised center which the lever fits around. Additionally, it is my understanding that the side wall of the hub must be machined slightly to allow clearance for the tab. I have received detail information from Curt Arndt, Lynn Martin, and Roger Moment. I have also received feedback from customers when the hub was delivered without proper corrections. 

I have been fixing them here ever since I received feedback about it but know that I sent many out before fully understanding the problem. I have asked Moto-Lita to correct the problem and have sent them detail measurements and pictures to aid in the explanation. Moto-Lita seems to think they are doing this just for me and have reported: “this is not something that has been brought to my attention before”, which puzzles me greatly. I am asking all of you who have had experience installing Moto-Lita non-adjustable hubs (B6) to provide me with your feedback specific to the fitting of the signal cancelation level.  

As a related note, the Moss product has the same issue, probably from having copied the Moto-Lita hub, but they do report the problem when selling, which means that they expect the customer to correct it. 

If you have experience with the Moto-Lita hub – and please do not confuse it with the Moss product – please let me know and I will forward that on to Moto-Lita. 

Mike Lempert
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