[Healeys] Thanks and another request

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Sat Nov 10 03:50:57 MST 2018

Thanks everyone for the input on the wiring harness.  I just might be successful.  On another note.  Tagging the wire ends led me to the components that connect to them.  I pulled the heater for my BN2 to see what I had to do to restore it.  Initial inspection shows it needs a rheostat switch and the three clips.  Not too bad until I tested the heater core, or should I say seive.  Running water in one of the water pipes produces no water out the other pipe.  It is running out of multiple holes throughout the matrix never to build enough pressure to make it out the other pipe.  Quite a disappointment.  Of course Moss wants 800 bucks for a new core.  Well, I just paid for my daughter's wedding so the bank account is a little light.  Anyone have a core they would like to sell?Mike MacLean

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