[Healeys] Pointless Fuel Pump

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sat Nov 10 02:37:31 MST 2018

First ascertain if the polarity of board is correct.

When setting the fork use a plastic tool to move it around. The end 
position is such that the fork just does not catch on the magnet. It 
takes a bit of fiddling before it starts up but once going it is fairly 
clear what the correct position is with the fastest rate.

These electronic pumps/conversions are said to be not to reliable and 
cannot compete against the old points system.

The only problem with the points pump is that it should be set up 
properly, a very easy and simple job, and then used regularly to keep 
the points clean. When storing a pump slide a bit of acid free paper 
between the points to prevent electrolytic corrosion. The same if the 
car is not in use for a long time.

I have had more than 160.000 miles in 11 years from my SU pump without 
any attention to it. After that (1985) the car was laid up but was 
started up every year or so until about 2000, never a problem. A few 
years ago I tried to start up the car again and the pump failed. When 
dismantling it, the points were corroded with nice cauliflowers around 
them. But what amazed me most was that the internals were as clean as a 
whistle, no corrosion, no gummed up deposits, just nice and shiny cast 
aluminium. After cleaning and polishing the points and adjusting them 
properly it was as new again on its original points, diaphragm and 
valves and now runs in my present car. The pump is now 45 years old.

One big advantage of the pump running on points is that if it fails en 
route, you can usually get it going again by sliding a bit of fine 
sandpaper between the points

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 10-11-2018 om 00:52 schreef Albert Seminatore:
> I am not the only one with this problem.
> After installing the pointless board for SU fuel pump in a 1960 AH BT7 
> the pump wont work.
>   The coil is energized which raises the magnet.
>    Moving the Hall fork does nothing the magnet stays raised.
>    Switch the wires on the board (Red and Black to the Coil)  the 
> magnet stays raised.
> I have called SU in the UK.  I have called both Dave DuBois and Udo 
> Putzke.  The answer was find someone in the local area who can repair 
> it.  Well in the desert tortoises  don't understand electronics.
> So I am appealing to this list hoping some one has had this problem 
> and knows how to resolve it  OR  knows someone who had the skill and 
> test equipment to fix it.  Any and all help is appreciated.
> .........................    Al
> Well i
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> Mountain Falls, Pahrump, NV
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