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There are harness branches that diverge from the junction at the large grommet on the firewall. one extends forward on the left side down the chassis reinforcement and serves the front lighting, the turn signal relay and the connection of the turn signal switch and horn power at the bottom of the steering column. The other extends forward down the right side and connects to the generator (Yellow and Yellow/Green), ignition coil and distributor (White/Black).

The rear lighting harness connects below the junction and extends to the rear along the left frame rail. That harness includes White/Green and White/Brown wires for turn signals, a Red wire for the tail and license plate lights, a Green/Brown wire for the fuel level sensor, a White wire for fuel pump power and a White/Black wire for the ignition grounding (kill) switch. You should find matching wires in the main harness. It's just a matter of matching wire colors and snapping the appropriate bullet connectors together. I had a problem with mine in that I had to find some extra slack to keep the connectors from pulling loose.

Bill Lawrence

BN1 #554

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FWIW, looking at a wiring scheme for a 100/6 there is one group of 4
cables that fit into the steering column, three green wires, two of them
  with markings, and one brown with black.
Then there is one group of three blue cables, again two of them with
markings, that is for the dip switch.
Then there is a loooong harness for the rear of the car, that attach to
the main harness in front of the firewall to the left of the engine.
I would expect that there is a similar setup for your BN2(?).
Hope this helps a little.


Den 2018-11-09 kl. 19:37, skrev Michael MacLean:
> I have been sitting here for a few hours trying to label wires of this
> loom.  I think I have the instrument panel pretty much done.  Wire color
> code and location on the main harness works good together.  Beyond that
> I am pulling my hair out.  Not having an old harness on the car as I
> bought it, I have no idea where these other four sub harnesses locate on
> the car.  I am sure one or more of the sub harnesses plug into the main
> harness, but I can't find any group of wire colors that match groups of
> wires on the main harness.  I'll be lucky if there is no smoke when I
> turn the key the first time.
> Mike M
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