[Healeys] How to keep the door open

Jean Caron vintage_roadster_restoration at hotmail.com
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Moss offers the complete unit. Much like todays cars, there are items in our cars that the cost of producing these items and selling bits and pieces only, does not make economical sense for the seller.
Just this past week I had to change the Wheel Hub Assembly on my daily driver, a Nissan. While I really only needed the bearing, I had no choice but purchase the complete assembly and basically that is the same thing with items like the checkstrap assembly.

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The threads are great no problem.
One person mentioned using a fille to rough up the surfaces.  This did help.  I used the roughest stone iin my Dremel kit.  Now it doesn't break my shinbone it just cuts the skin.
It's a shame Moss doesn't provide the parts for this.  But then I guess most people don't have the problem or they ignore the problem.  For me it is a big problem since I drive the car most every day..................     Al

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Another source for left hand threads is turnbuckles but as I recall the left door uses a right hand thread.


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The threads are probably stripped on the stud or nut or both. You could weld in a new stud or use a smaller die to cut new thread and a smaller nut. Get the left hand thread ztuff from McMaster Carr on line.
Ken Freese

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I have a BT7 whose drivers door won't stay open any more.  The passenger door is ok.
I have tried tightening the friction washer but it wont do any good.  There is a new "friction washer" installed but it doesn't do any good either.  The metal pieces have been "polished" over the years and are VERY smooth - like glass smooth.

What do other folks do to recover the friction need to keep the door open?
...................   Al

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