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The original BN 1 main wiring harness was all black covering. I.E. no tracer color.The original BN 2 main wiring harness was black with blue tracer. Maybe this in not a 100 harness at all.Gary Hodson

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According to an article (with a picture) on John Simms website by Rich Chysler the BN2 had the flasher unit on the inside face of the firewall.  Now I'm confused.Mike MacLean

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  On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 11:34 AM, rwilhelmy at sbcglobal.net<rwilhelmy at sbcglobal.net> wrote:   couple of easy differences:  BN1 had two relays to control the
overdrive circuit.  BN2 had one.  BN1 had flasher located under the
dash where it is almost impossible to access.  BN2 had it on the
engine side of the firewall.

Nothing wrong with PVC insulation.  Actually the braided stuff had PVC
or rubber insulation underneath the braids.  Only problem with PVC is
that the color coding has to be different, which adds to confusion.

Rhode Island Wiring is the gold standard for wiring for Healeys.
very expensive, but if you go to their website and look for foreign
cars/Austin-Healey, under BN2 you will find a list of 15 different
pieces that they offer, two of them are pairs like the headlights.
Some of them are ground straps.  But several are pretty complex.  This
should help you figure out what pieces you were given, although some
wiring providers combined a couple of the harnesses so be prepared for
that too.

The harnesses connect together with bullet connectors, as you probably
know.  RI Wiring provides theirs already soldered and crimped in place
but yours may need to be installed.

Even with RI Wiring's detailed diagrams, I had to lay out the
harnesses and attach tags to each wire end to sort out what went
where.  Occasionally you will need 'siamesed' bullet connector sockets
that allow you to connect three or four wires together.  They are
available if you don't have them.  Also there is a tool that makes it
a lot easier to push the bullets into the sockets (but not to get them
out).  NOS bullets and sockets are best if you can find them.  Be
prepared for fitting problems with the aftermarket ones, though some
are better than others.

Make sure you have all of the grommets that you need, especially the
big one on the firewall that needs special care to feed the harness
through.  Put the grommet on the harness before you start that part.

Take your time.


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>     I have a wiring harness that was given to me by a restorer friend just before he passed away.  He told me it was a BN2 harness.  It is cloth with PVC wires.  The pictures I have of most restorations that clearly show the main harness against the firewall are cloth and braid covered wires.  I can see the color codes of the braided wires that align with some of the PVC wires of my harness, but I seem to have a few extra wires coming out of the harness where there should not be any.  How can I tell the difference between a BN1 and a BN2 main harness that is cloth and PVC.  There is also four smaller harnesses of which I am sure one or more will connect to the main harness somewhere.  A little bit more to deal with here than my Bugeye that I installed in 2000.Mike MacLean
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