[Healeys] 100-4 timing

Wayne waschu2 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 18:21:24 MDT 2018

Sorry I forgot to ask the question.  Where are other Healey 100-4 owners 
setting their timing?

Hi everyone

                     My friend Bob and I have his rebuilt engine back in 
and running after its crankshaft failure. It is currently 89MM bore with 
a DWR1 camshaft similar to the 100M Cam specs. The head is a previously 
installed Denis Welch aluminum head that we has to mill slightly because 
the crank failure allowed the #4 piston to hit the head. The valves were 
ok.  During the break in period we have the timing set to 8 degrees 
advance at idle.  Bad me I don't know what the advance is at 3000 rpm 
with the Mallory distributor. We plan to check it this week and keep the 
advance to around 35 degrees total advance. The engine is running great 
with 8 degrees advance at idle, backing it off to 6 degrees the engine 
was not as happy. Using 93 octane gas with 10% alcohol.  Ethanol free 
gas is available near our house in Maryland but not here in CT.

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