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I have experienced that same cough and spray of fuel.  I have learned that if I have engaged the starting device to 1) let it warm up a bit before driving, and 2) be light on the throttle until warmed.  If I do those  two things I rarely get it spitting back.


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Our car came to us in the mid 70's with a fully functional auxiliary carb and the OTTER switch.  Visually, it is a pretty neat looking arrangement. The engine started fine, warmed up and the switch would shut down the auxiliary carb.


However, the cam and tune of our engines tended to cause the engine to occasionally cough before fully warming up.  When that would occur, a fine mist of gas sprays out of the auxiliary carb all over the engine bay.  A respected Healey expert said to me that quite a number of these Thermo-carb equipped cars burned down due to this feature and encouraged me to change the manifold and carbs to the manual choke  arrangement. 


We did that conversion as part of a rebuild in 2001 and have been going fine ever since.


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