[Healeys] Stator tube wiring loom succes!

Bert Van Brande bertvanbrande at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 18:58:05 MDT 2018

thanks for all the suggestions, it worked! 
I ended up drilling the lower portion of the wire out, pouring in some acetone to soften up the wires further, but not sure if this really helped.  Next day I used a 25" long 1/4" drill bit and after about 15-20" of drilling, which takes time, the wire harness started to shift and I was able to pull it out from the top.   But there was no way to pull a new cable through.   A 5/16 long masonry drill ($2.99 OSH clearance bin) ground down to stator tube inner diameter, about 9/32", was used to drill out all the rust, quite a bit came out of there!   Then a night soak in Evaporust and the harness (cotton/braided) slid right through without any cutting of bullets.
Kurt was right about the rust, the wire harness cover wicks up moisture and the tube rust from the inside out, reducing the inner diameter of the tube.

The Moto Lita boss need some machining to make room for the canceling arm but there was also a 3/32" or about 2.5mm protrusion of the splined section inside that needed to be milled off.
Getting closer...

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