[Healeys] 100 boot lid "prop rod"

warthodson at aol.com warthodson at aol.com
Sun Mar 4 18:03:28 MST 2018

The end of my 100 boot lid "prop rod" that is supposed to connect to the bracket on the boot lid has a 3/8" diameter hole in it. I assume it should have a captive bolt of some sort that would fit into the hole in the boot lid bracket & a "self locking" nut would thread on to the end of the captive bolt, after it is inserted into the hole in the bracket.  If this is correct? What is the diameter of the captive bolt? How long is the captive bolt? Does the bracket simply pivot on the threaded portion of the bolt? That seems like a bad design! Or does the captive bolt have an unthreaded section? 
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