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You are welcome in New Mexico. We need the rain...

Bill Lawrence

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I suppose I’ve been lucky but have had no trouble with rebuilt pumps. I imagine, with regard to points, one has to have the right source. I get mine from Burlen in the UK who, incidentally, seem to have improved a lot recently. (But maybe Burlen supply everyone else?)

Also from Midel in Australia. Not sure if they’re still going? At one stage, it was cheaper and quicker to get parts from them in Oz than from Burlen in UK, 80 miles from my front door.

The rebuilt pumps are still going strong. I think the “turn the body of the pump round by one more bolt hole” advice is worthwhile.

I remain aware of SU’s potential for failure and tried to hedge my bets by installing a double-ender before a long foreign trip. I hope it serves to be similar to carrying a spare but, so long as you switch ends occasionally, you don’t run the risk of the replacement being dead right out of the box……that being something which I’ve heard of, but not experienced.

One can find the double-enders on eBay or Autojumbles. Usually cheap. They often look so grotty that one would leave them alone, forgetting that one’s going to refurbish them inside and out??

I do like the roadside pic from the desert. If that happened to me, over here, it would start to rain.


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Years ago, I bought a kit from SU to convert a points-type pump to solid state.  The conversion steps were fairly complex and the kit came with a 'special' forked spacer to set the gap properly.  I think it would be problematic to (re-)set the gap, esp. without this tool.  FWIW, after following the steps carefully the converted pump only worked a few hundred miles before dying.

Some have had good luck with points, but I would only get a few thousand miles on a set, and the aftermarket points I've seen in the last few years appear to be of poor quality.   I've had some success with Dave DuBois repairs/conversions, with one going over 30K miles, but one failed me recently in the CA/NV desert after only a few hundred miles.  Still, with all their faults, I can't bring myself to give up on the SUs.


On 6/20/2018 4:35 PM, Alan Seigrist wrote:

Sorry you didn't get an answer to this.

I'd recommend removing the diaphragm and cleaning the rod and also the hole with a pipe cleaner and some WD 40.  It can get cruddy rusty in there if the diaphragm is not running all the time.



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need some help from you electrical gurus on the list.  bought a solid state SU from moss a few years back(pos gnd).  i used
it for a month or so then decided to use it for my spare.  i kept it in the trunk(boot) until a few days ago when my regular
pump blew a check valve.  put the solid state on an it failed to operate.  the solenoid failed to work.  i finally got it to where
it would move the diaphram but at a vastly reduced rate.  removing the electric part from the valve body allowed it to
operate a little faster, but still at a reduced rate.  no clue as to what is happening here,  but will entertain all suggestions.

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