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When I was preparing my BJ8 for the great adventure of driving it across the country from North Carolina to Lake Tahoe for Open Roads 2002, I decided that I did not want to be dealing with a faulty fuel pump by the side of the road in the desert (or at night, or in the rain).  I installed a generic backup fuel pump in series with the (points) SU, and a switch under the dash to select either pump or both off.  Like Bob, I put a lot of miles on my car on some pretty long trips.  On two occasions so far since installing the backup pump, I have had the SU either stumble (in Atlanta traffic, surrounded by semis) or fail to start the car.  On both occasions, reaching under the dash and selecting the other pump kept me going.  Later, the SU came back online by itself.  I usually do the outbound leg on the SU and the return trip with the backup.

Having that backup pump available has certainly been a comfort on those long trips.


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Years ago, I bought a kit from SU to convert a points-type pump to solid state.  The conversion steps were fairly complex and the kit came with a 'special' forked spacer to set the gap properly.  I think it would be problematic to (re-)set the gap, esp. without this tool.  FWIW, after following the steps carefully the converted pump only worked a few hundred miles before dying.

Some have had good luck with points, but I would only get a few thousand miles on a set, and the aftermarket points I've seen in the last few years appear to be of poor quality.   I've had some success with Dave DuBois repairs/conversions, with one going over 30K miles, but one failed me recently in the CA/NV desert after only a few hundred miles.  Still, with all their faults, I can't bring myself to give up on the SUs.





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