[Healeys] rear axle wheel bearing locknut wrench?

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I'm glad it worked for you, Bob.  Maybe the manufacturing tolerances for the socket make it work for some and not for others.  The one I bought certainly did not grip the nut sufficiently to turn it, and I did grind off the chamfer.

Steve Byers
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Havelock, NC  

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Obviously a socket with the correct number of sides is best, but I have 
used a 12 point 2-3/16" socket on the later axle several times. Because 
the nut is thin, I machined the leading edge chamfer off the socket in 
my lathe.

I have the two factory tools and they have a pilot that fits into the 
axle to keep the socket square and centered on the nut. A definite plus. 
But I can't always generate enough torque to loosen a nut with the 
factory tool.  Could make a longer tommy bar, but the socket works well.

When installing the nut, I make sure that the side that is stamped RH or 
LH is facing out.  Helps the next person that has to take the nut off.


Bob Haskell
AHCA 3000 MkI registrar

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