[Healeys] rear axle wheel bearing locknut wrench?

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Thanks Simon.  Yes, I know the left side ,which I am working on is LHT.  I'll check some tpol shops around here to see if they can order one.John 

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The bearing retainer nuts are two and three sixteenths of an inch.
Not sure where you are but I just went to my local tool place and ordered that size socket. Octagonal.
You are aware that the RHS nuts are RHT and those on the LHS are LHT?

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Hi all:

I am trying to replace a leaky wheel bearing seal in my "65 BJ8. The nut that locks the hub on is an 8 sided nut that I measured to be 2.1825" 
across the flats.  Where do you get a socket to remove that nut.  My original Healey workshop manual shows a special service tool in the back for that purpose, but I don't have that.

Any other way of removing that nut?  according to the Moss catalog it should be a left hand thread in the left side of the car where I am working.

Thanks for any collective wisdom.

John O'Brien

'65 BJ8

'61 Bugeye

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