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Not trying to prove anything just an FYI.Some of the damage was mechanical as a result of me trying to remove them. One was leaking badly on the car the other had not started but both were very brittle especially around the inner part probably since the outer edge was clamped between the flanges on the carb body and somewhat isolated from the fuel. I looked around before buying new ones and bought the ones that claimed to have Viton diaphragms. I am familiar with this material as in my past employment it was the only material compatible with methanol. 

Tim Davis BN7

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Ugh.  That damage may well have been caused by ethanol, but I'm a
 born skeptic with a little scientific training.  Without a control
 sample you can't prove the damage was caused by ethanol (but
 again, it may well have been).  I just changed out a set in my
 HD8s that had been in over 25 years and all I saw was some tiny
 cracking, and I live in California and I think we've had gasahol
 longer than most states.Some of that damage looks mechanical to me; it could simply be
 defective parts.  I would hope manufacturers are making parts from
 ethanol-resistant rubber, because I just put in a new set that
 look just like those.Bob

On 6/3/2018 6:13 AM, Tim Davis BN7
FYI, here are my HD6 jets after being exposed to todays gas
 for approx 4 years. Will definitely use non ethanol fuel
 whenever possible from now on.

Tim Davis BN7

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