[Healeys] Ethanol fuel result

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Jun 3 08:44:13 MDT 2018

Ugh.  That damage may well have been caused by ethanol, but I'm a born 
skeptic with a little scientific training.  Without a control sample you 
can't prove the damage was caused by ethanol (but again, it may well 
have been).  I just changed out a set in my HD8s that had been in over 
25 years and all I saw was some tiny cracking, and I live in California 
and I think we've had gasahol longer than most states.

Some of that damage looks mechanical to me; it could simply be defective 
parts.  I would hope manufacturers are making parts from 
ethanol-resistant rubber, because I just put in a new set that look just 
like those.


On 6/3/2018 6:13 AM, Tim Davis BN7 wrote:
> FYI, here are my HD6 jets after being exposed to todays gas for approx 
> 4 years. Will definitely use non ethanol fuel whenever possible from 
> now on.
> Tim Davis BN7

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