[Healeys] Brake Line - suggestions

Steve B. Gerow steveg at abrazosdata.com
Mon Jul 23 18:46:01 MDT 2018

I've built all my own brake lines and it is doable with a little practice and the tools and materials are not very expensive.

Had the SS lines from the late Doug Reid and they work-harden and no longer seal after a couple of times tightening. I've done mild steel for practice and recommend cunifer.

Federal Hill Trading is a great source for all info and supplies for building brake lines:

Eastwood has good inexpensive 3/16" flaring tools. For pix see my gallery:

See my other galleries for more flaring. Also there are lots of YouTube videos on flaring.

Also suggest Lisle tube bending pliers - can do tighter bends than the Harbor Freight tube benders.
Search on amazon for: Lisle 44150 3/16" Tubing Bender Pliers 

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