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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Jul 22 20:53:25 MDT 2018

Hi Ira,

Pipe bending is an art that I haven't really mastered, but I've done OK 
by pulling the old line, and using a brake pipe bending tool to 
replicate--or possibly improve--the original pipe routing.  Steel brake 
line is cheap, so buy extra to practice with--it will probably take a 
couple tries to get it right--and switch to stainless or cunifer if you 
prefer after you get the hang of it.  Oh, and don't forget to put the 
fittings on before you flare the ends; it's painful to get a couple 
flares just right then realize there are no fittings (someone told me 
that once).  I think getting good flares is even trickier than bending.

Based on the condition of that one line, I wouldn't trust any of the 
other brake lines in the car.


On 7/22/2018 2:35 PM, i erbs wrote:
> Finally getting to work on the 67 B I bought for my wife. Seller told 
> me a metal brake line was cracked and leaking...turns out the someone 
> tried to braise a patch on the line and it leaked. Any advice on 
> bending the replacement line to match the old one?
> Ira Erbs
> Portland, OR
> typos and artifacts are the fault of my phone

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