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FredJust yesterday I ordered screw base LED bulbs fot my BJ8 speedo and tach from Moss.  They carry a standard height and a short.  I ordered the short, not being sure if the standard would be too tall to fit.  Don't have them yet but I expect they'll work.John O'Brien '65 BJ8 (Madelyn)'61 Bugeye (Lucy)

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    I don't think you need to change out the sockets.  Check out
      Classic and Vintage Bulbs website at www.classicbulbs.com.  He
      makes a lot of the bulbs that will fit old British cars.  The USA
      dealer is Little British Car Co., lbcarco.com.
    Actually, I just checked the first link and it goes to lbcarco. 
      If you can't find them there, email Jeff Zorn at lbcarco.  He is
      an MGA owner, so he will know exactly what you are talking about.



    On 7/13/2018 7:10 PM, Fred Wescoe


        I am converting all of the lighting on my 66 BJ
          8, other than headlights, to LED bulbs.  So far, everything
          has gone fine.  The improved lighting/visability is great.  I
          now discover that the speedo and the tach are screw base
          bulbs, not the wedge type bulb of the fuel and combo gauge.

        Does anyone have a source for an LED wedge bulb
          socket that fits the speedo and tach?  Or is it possible to
          get a screwbase LED bulb that will fit the existing sockets? 
          Moss does not carry a socket that fits anything but the high
          beam and alternator warning lights.  

        What "size" is the actual screw base.  On line
          there are varity of bases and i can't tell what i need.


        66 BJ8


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