[Healeys] LED light sockets

Fred Wescoe fredwescoe at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 17:10:21 MDT 2018


I am converting all of the lighting on my 66 BJ 8, other than headlights,
to LED bulbs.  So far, everything has gone fine.  The improved
lighting/visability is great.  I now discover that the speedo and the tach
are screw base bulbs, not the wedge type bulb of the fuel and combo gauge.

Does anyone have a source for an LED wedge bulb socket that fits the speedo
and tach?  Or is it possible to get a screwbase LED bulb that will fit the
existing sockets?  Moss does not carry a socket that fits anything but the
high beam and alternator warning lights.

What "size" is the actual screw base.  On line there are varity of bases
and i can't tell what i need.


66 BJ8
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