[Healeys] snap crackle and pop

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Mon Jul 2 09:04:53 MDT 2018

OK----update.  This morning pulled wheel/hub/bearings.  bearings looked good.  Did find some in/out movement when pulling on the hub.  Right or wrong, I add a .003 spacer and really snugged the hub nut down.  put back together and all was good--no more noise and everything is smooth.tom----- Original Message -----
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 body {height: 100%; color:#000000; font-size:12pt; font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;}When turning hard to the right (slow moving) I get a lot of these noises at the left front wheel area.  Assume it is the tie rod?  I first thought it was a loose spinner but that was not it.  Any ideas?tom  BJ8
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