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Well the cavalry arrived and the engine in the BN3 is now running for the first time in nearly seven years.


If you recall that despite going by the book the rotor button looked to be 120 degrees out. 


The solution? Move the geared camshaft/distributor drive about four teeth, put it all back together, press the solenoid and away it went. Good oil pressure and lots of gunk out the exhaust and on to my friend’s E-type. Very pleased!


Now the next question is why does a SU fuel pump keep pumping occasionally with the ignition on even when there are no leaks and the float bowl levels are correct.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia


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Hello Per


I thought about that, but as No 1 is at top dead centre when the pointer is towards the notch in the harmonic balancer I can’t see how it can be.


Many thanks


Patrick Quinn


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You have installed the cam chain incorrectly. I assume you have the workshop manual. Look in section A.25 for the correct procedure.


Best, Per

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Perhaps someone has come across this before.


About to start the engine in the BN3 after a complete rebuild. The engine is a very early C-series six-cylinder and the rebuild included new bearings throughout, pistons, sleeves, valves, vernier adjustable timing chain etc.


When setting the timing all the settings were done by the book. Tappets at 12 thou, the pointer on the timing chain cover is pointing to the notch in the harmonic balancer, the gear shaft drive from the oil pump/camshaft is at 20 to 2 and the offset distributor drive is correct. Number 1 piston is top dead centre and the rocker gear is rocking.


Imaging please looking down at the open distributor and it’s a clock face. According to the book, the rotor button arm should be at 2 o’clock or firing No 1 spark plug.


However the rotor button is a 10 o’clock.


So it’s not 180 degrees out, but 120 degrees.


Of course you could get around it by changing the spark plug leads, but the result looks untidy. An alternative is to rotate the geared shaft drive clockwise by 120 degrees.


Any suggestions?




Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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