[Healeys] UJs and chassis thickness

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Hmm! I like that. Maybe on the next rebuild if I live that long...

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Another idea – hope I’m not muddying the waters for you.

When my BJ8 was being restored a few years ago, my body man came up with a fix for the upwards dented front frame cross member.  The metal was not deteriorated, just dented from careless jacking (not by me of course!).  The bottom of the cross member was carefully cut out, and a couple of angle iron pieces were welded up inside the open section in a suitable fashion.  The dented lower section was banged out on the floor to it’s original shape and then welded back onto the bottom where it came from, seam and all. After some careful grinding and a bit of shaping, I now have a very solid front cross member that I can jack up a Sherman tank on if necessary.

It is a good repair – no need to use a replacement piece – actually 3 including the 2 corner sections – and we can smile and say that it’s all original.  He actually favoured this method because it preserved the frame alignment.

I smile every time I’m under there being dripped on.


Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb

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Thank you all so much for your advice on those two topics. And photos etc. I am, as ever, impressed by people’s generosity with their time.

  1.  I shall be dealing with the UJs from above. (It’s just that I had the car up on its ramps, which is a job in itself, so I thought I might be able to take a short cut).
  2.  As to the chassis, I’ll not have a section cut out and a new piece welded in…it seems a bit OTT. No, I’ll get the thing up in the air and have a really good look and make a template for something sturdy, maybe ¼”. We’ll see….no panic. Dent’s been there for 30 +/- years.


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