[Healeys] Strange Timing Setting

Per Schoerner per at schoerner.se
Sun Feb 11 16:38:35 MST 2018

Slight misunderstanding here I think. I read Patricks text as ” piston 1 at TDC while you can rock the lifters by hand”. If the lifters are moved by the cam Gary is right.
Sorry for the confusion.


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> 11 feb. 2018 kl. 20:19 skrev Per Schoerner <per at schoerner.se>:
> Gary
> That is the end of/beginning of the compression/power strokes to me.
> Per
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>> 11 feb. 2018 kl. 15:55 skrev warthodson at aol.com:
>> Your description stated "Number 1 piston is top dead centre and the rocker gear is rocking." Is that not a description indicating that the #1 piston is on the exhaust stroke? 
>> Gary Hodson
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