[Healeys] Another Silly Question - 1961 BT7 Mk II

Corning, Dan (D.C.) dcorning at ford.com
Mon Feb 5 06:26:11 MST 2018

It seems I get caught-up on the most simple issues.  Rebuild the powertrain, steering or brake systems - no problem.  Where does a flat piece of 15 X 1-5/8 sheet metal with 3 holes go, not sure.

Of course, the piece in question is for mounting the seats but does it go under the wood spacer and over the carpet or some other location?

The silly question I asked the group last time was regarding seatbelts mounting point locations...  Thanks for each of your replies, your comments are always appreciated.  Ultimately, the fix came from David Nock of British Car Specialists.  I purchased a 3 point seatbelt with all the fittings from them.  David is always very helpful with his great advice.  Thanks to all...


Dan Corning
(615) 579-1032

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