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Second attempt


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In my notes I have this:-


U…Gearchange found on centre of floor ie not on column. Basically, means floor change.”

I asked very much the same question as you about 3 months ago. My “notes” derive from Steve’s answer at that time. 

I guess BMC was trying to impose some sort of system(?) into their apparently haphazard production. And I suppose it’s a way of differentiating from the various cars that were shambling down the production line. Westminsters, for example, big saloons with +/- same engines as 3000s….they might have had column shift. I don’t recall. Nice cars and the Vanden Plas versions sell well today. To digress even further, Westminsters were ideal for “Banger Racing”….big, heavy and practically indestructible. Hence there are so few Westminster automatics around to donate their 3:54 diffs.

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