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Hi, Scott -


The table might give an inaccurate impression, depending how one interprets it.


For BJ8s:  the first chassis number (25315) was not the first car Phase 1 car built, and no effort was made to make the engine serial numbers increase in sequence with the chassis numbers.  

Chassis 25315 got engine 29K/RU/H571.

The lowest engine serial number (29K/RU/H101) went into chassis 25331.

The last Phase 1 car (25704) got engine 29K/RU/H1174


The first Phase 2 car (25705) got engine 29K/U/H1713 (no overdrive)

The last BJ8 built (43026) got engine 29K/RU/H17504.

The highest engine serial number (29K/RU/H17631) did go into the last BJ8 built on the production line (43000).


When dealing with BMC and serial numbers, it seems nothing was nice and neat.



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Hello Mitch and Seasons Greetings.  

The attached files may help a little but the casting numbers are not related to sequential engine production. 

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How do you ID an engine block/or head……that does not have an ID tag?

Do the engine block casting numbers mean anything?




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