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Thanks Steve and all other responded.
That´s all I need. I found it in the Anderson/Moment Restoration Guide.

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>From the Anderson/Moment Restoration Guide:

Page 75 (third column, first paragraph):  "The X-brace in front of the radiator was brush painted black (except on black cars0 so that it wouldn't be visible through the grille opening."
Page 90 (third column, third paragraph):  "The lower lip of the rear shroud was brush-painted satin black over the body color, generally on all but black cars, probably to make the lower shroud lip less noticeable."

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I read the following question recently on facebook, but no clear  answer was given. Does anybody know, especially to the cross panel in front of the radiator?

Is it right that the lower lip on the rear shroud was painted (semigloss) black on 6 cylinder Austin-Healeys and the same was with the cross panel front face in front of the radiator? Are there other body panels which are not just bolt on painted in black?

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