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Can someone post a photo of the lip?
My brace is painted blue, but everyone tells me to paint it black before I
reinstall my grille... What about the air dam, should it be black or body
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> From the Anderson/Moment Restoration Guide:
> Page 75 (third column, first paragraph):  "The X-brace in front of the
> radiator was brush painted black (except on black cars0 so that it wouldn't
> be visible through the grille opening."
> Page 90 (third column, third paragraph):  "The lower lip of the rear
> shroud was brush-painted satin black over the body color, generally on all
> but black cars, probably to make the lower shroud lip less noticeable."
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> I read the following question recently on facebook, but no clear  answer
> was given. Does anybody know, especially to the cross panel in front of the
> radiator?
> Is it right that the lower lip on the rear shroud was painted (semigloss)
> black on 6 cylinder Austin-Healeys and the same was with the cross panel
> front face in front of the radiator? Are there other body panels which are
> not just bolt on painted in black?
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