[Healeys] Duct to passenger foot well.

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Really simple: get an eight-foot (extended) length of collapsible aluminum duct (like used to duct a clothes dryer). 

Remove the panel in the firewall on the passenger side that covers the opening for the foot pedal connections.
Run the duct from the front grille through the side of the engine compartment to that opening.
Duct tape (yup, that's what duct tape was originally designed for) the duct in place and close the opening around the duct at the fire wall.
That's it. 

You'll be surprised at how much fresh air you'll get into the car.




Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California



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Gary tell me about your temporary duct from the grille to the passenger footwell. Long distances my foot cooks!


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I've had the optional hardtop for my BN7 for many years, and really appreciated it for long-distance touring where variability of weather was probable. However, it is stuffy, especially for the passenger, so when I did tour, I would temporarily install a duct from the grille into the passenger footwell to get fresh air into that area. Made an enormous difference.


Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California


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