[Healeys] Oil Sump removal

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Thank you all for your advice. I guess the putty knife came in first and the trip to Nevada last by a long distance. 

I sharpened up an old putty knife. Brought both side to a sharp point. Edged blade on first 1” of one side and all down the other side.

Hammered it in about 2” and used a hammer on the blunt side to force it length ways down the pan. Managed to get enough cork displaced to be able to get in a smallish builder’s bolster. Once that was in, I could revert to brute force and ignorance until the sump landed on my face.

Builder’s bolster? Not sure if that’s a uniquely British term. A big bluntish chisel used to cut brick or stone. Got a blade(?) about 4” wide and maybe 3.5” deep with an all metal handle which will take a really hard smack from any hammer you like. I’ve got one with a fairly slim blade and a longish handle which makes for good leverage.

God knows what the glue was. Red….set really hard. Not rubbery & seemingly not elasticized by heat.

The advice just in to only glue one side of the next gasket seems good. 



I recall someone mentioned a silicone gasket for sumps. I think his lacked the cutout for the pressure relief valve. Anyone know where to get one of those?














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