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In cases like that, I spray the joint liberally with penetrating oil and tap
on it periodically with a hammer to set up vibrations and allow the
penetrant to penetrate quicker (pad it with wood, or use a rubber mallet).
That usually pops it loose after a bit, but if it doesn't repeat the process
and be patient.

I just replaced the oil pump in my BJ8 a few months ago and I seem to recall
that there is a cutout in the block flange that would allow breaking the
sump loose from above, but I didn't need or use that and I'm not sure I'm
remembering correctly.


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I'm trying to get the sump (oil pan?) off my MkII 3000.

I've given up for now but will check again that I've taken off all the

It absolutely won't shift and I'm finding it very hard to get an implement
in with which to prise it open.

I guess that it's sealed with and cemented to the block with some gloop that
just won't shift.

Is there a clever way to do this?


What's the magic answer?



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