[Healeys] Fuel pumps (AGAIN!)

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Dec 3 17:43:56 MST 2018

Not sure (but it doesn't smell like curry ;).  It was recommended by 
Mike at Star Auto Electrics.  I've got over 10K miles on it and, so far, 
so good.  It does seem to charge a little on the high side--about 
15V--but I've got an AGM battery and I think they like a bit more 
charging juice.  It does have the flimsier internals like other 
aftermarket I've seen.

I've kept the original in case I ever come across someone who can 
credibly rebuild them.  I swapped the original cover to the new one.


On 12/3/2018 11:33 AM, simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com wrote:
> An Indian aftermarket unit? I’ve heard that they’re fairly dodgy…
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> Makes sense.  I replaced the original regulator with an aftermarket; 
> I'll check it out.
> Bob
> On 11/28/2018 6:00 AM, Tom wrote:
>     I found the voltage regulator was misadjusted when i got my car. 
>     At 17V, a new pump quit working in less than a year.  At 14V, the
>     replacement is 10 years old and happily ticking away.
>     Tom
>     On Tue, Nov 27, 2018, 9:16 PM Frank Magnusson <fmags at cox.net
>     <mailto:fmags at cox.net> wrote:
>         Hi Bob,
>         I’m also not sure why you’re having problems with pumps. 
>         Maybe something common between all of them; the vent, the
>         ground, the venting of the fuel system, etc.
>         I replaced my original pump in the late 80’s with a stock SU
>         pump with points and it’s been on the car ever since; no
>         problems except last year when it didn’t want to start, but a
>         rap with a rubber mallet and it’s been working ever since.
>         Try Healey Surgeons for a replacement pump.  Their parts are
>         100% correct and I’ve never had a problem with anything from
>         them in almost 30 years.
>         Best of luck,
>         Frank
>         ’65 BJ8
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