[Healeys] Shims in front hub

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Steve and Michael have, as ever, got this right. I think a Dial Gauge may be getting towards overkill, but certainly there’s no harm in perfection.

Speaking for myself, I’ve always managed to do wheel bearings to my own satisfaction. But, and it was a big BUT, I never really understood the physics(?) of what I was doing…..I knew that it worked, but I didn’t really know how or why. I found this to be rather depressing when I bothered to think about it…..bit like foolish NCOs telling recruits that they’re not paid to think, only to do.

As ever, I appealed to the Wise Ones and I got some very helpful advice which I assimilated until I did, for the moment at least, understand. Having done that, I cobbled together an article for our local club magazine which I have the cheek to attach here. The “how to do the procedure” bit is largely mine; the explanation of where/why and how the end float is to be found is largely Steve’s. The errors are all mine. Some of you Wiser Ones will recognize your own words.

The achievement of the article, as well as boring the bejasus out of our readership, was getting the process to stick in my mind….which it has done. More or less! But it’s there to refer to when I get even more forgetful.



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What's the procedure for determining how (size) shims to put in against the spacer?  Are they for end float?  If so, what is the procedure for measuring end float?




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