[Healeys] AH100 v's A90 Engines.

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Thu Aug 9 18:35:09 MDT 2018

Hello Alan, the answer is simple but complicated.. It will to some degree
mean what version Atlantic engine, early or late. Like most manufacturers
there were changes along the way. Baically the Atlantic and Healey are big
bore Austin A70 engines. The block casting and pistons the main difference.
Things like crank and conrods are the same for all 3 and have the same
Austin part numbers. Same flywheel and clutch except for the A70 which is
only the same in the utilities. Cams are the same except early A70 engines
had narrower lobes than the later ones, which are the same as Atlantic and
Healey. Some Atlantics and most A70's had the centrifugal gear oil pump with
almost the same gears as the 3000 pump, and the spring loaded pushrods. As
far as I know in some form this engine continued to be produced in some form
up until the early 1970's in petrol, diesel, marine and industrial form.
There was even a 2.5 litre petrol version that had a proper rear main seal.
So I'm told.


Larry Varley

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