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i erbs eyera3000 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 16:03:23 MDT 2018

 Installed LED Headlights, fixed the mounting bracket for headlight rim on
left side, the screw now screws into something, installed LED reflector
light turn signal and brake light kit. Hope to get my grille installed this
week. Just need to install the rest of my interior, fix my off side door
remote and cockpit molding and my resto started 42 years ago will be
Next up: 67 MGB I bought for my wife. Wish I had 42 years to work on it :)
I retire next June and its my tinker project

Ira Erbs
      _______                                  _______
     (______ \____1959 BN4____/ _______)
          BT7 engine and disk brakes

1967 MGB  [image: MG]

A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments. Mario Andretti
Please excuse random auto corrects and misspelled words
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