[Healeys] Tires for BJ8, Follow-up

Len and/or Marge Hartnett thehartnetts at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 8 14:32:02 MDT 2018

Earl, et al:

This is a follow-up regarding tubeless wire wheels, Michelin XAS tires, and tubes.

I have corresponded with Michelin and Longstone and here are their answers:

Longstone:  "Dear Sir,  Thank you for your email,  The tyres are of tube type construction,so do require inner tubes.  The thing that makes a tyre tubeless is a coating on the inside of the tyre that seals them and stops them from being pouros something the 180x15 Michelin XAS does not have.  It is clearly marked on the side of the tyre that they are Tube Type".  

That marking was clearly disregarded by the installer of the tires (Len).  Also, I did not have a problem with the porousness causing any loss of air during the 7,000 miles the tires have been in use.

Michelin:  "...Regarding your question about the structure of the tire itself, this particular tires in the size : 180HR15 requires a tube due to the construction of the inner liners...".

Although there was no response regarding my questions about a sealing bead or the safety of running these tires without a tube, on the basis of these responses, inner tubes were installed in the XAS tires on my BJ8 today.

(The Other) Len
Fairfield, CA, USA
1967 AH 3000 MkIII, HBJ8L39031
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