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That's the one thing my Dad used to hate about buying a new car in Massachusetts.  The dealers would drill holes in your new car to advertise their dealership.  I remember when he bought a new Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 convertible in 1965.  He specifically told them NOT to drill the trunk lid for their dealer logo.  He said, "I am not paying you for your free advertising."  The day the car was delivered, right there as big as the nose on your face, was the metal dealer logo on the trunk lid.  My Dad blew up.  He yelled loud enough that I think they heard him the service department.  He told them the deal was off on his factory ordered car.  He had told them not to do it, but somehow the message never got to the service department when they were prepping the car.  We left the dealership that day without the new car only to return a few days later with the logo removed and the holes filled in and painted over.  My Dad signed for the car and took delivery then.  Always stuck in my mind and to this day I will remove the paper plates with the dealer info off new cars I buy right at the dealership here in California before I drive the car home telling them, "I did not just pay thousands of dollars to advertise for you for free!"  Echoes of my father in my head.Mike MacLean 

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      I know this is stupid, but whenever I see Randy Hicks' email address I immediately think of Crandall-Hicks, which was the BMC New England distributor located in Wellesley, MA.  I happened upon an image of one of their dealer emblems that's attached.      I think I get this from my dad, John Neville.  He always wanted to buy a Pontiac with "BONNEVILLE" in big chrome letters on the trunk and change it into his name.         Right now, Randy is probably trying to figure out how to get his hands on one of those Crandall-Hicks emblems, chop off the C and stick it on the back of his "M"
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