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As I understand, and Randy can verify, the factory "M" had a unique body number stamping which would be difficult to 'counterfeit'. I am aware of a gentleman in Florida, who has purchased original "M" parts from me with, I believe, the intention of counterfeiting an original. 

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Odd choice of color change, IMO.  Black/red is a rarer combination for an M (though it wouldn't be my favorite).  If I was going to go with a non-original scheme, I'd go with Florida  Green over white, which I think is absolutely stunning (and shows in some of the selling prices I've seen).
Any chance this is a 'counterfeit;' i.e. one of the cars where the BMIHT cert was 'shopped' by an unscrupulous restorer (there was an infamous case where someone submitted a series of VINs, looking for one with the 'shipped with louvred bonnet' comment).  As I mentioned, one level of '100M Registry' certification only requires the BMIHT cert.
On 8/2/2018 6:23 AM, Randall Hicks wrote:Trying it again. Message may have been too big.On Aug 2, 2018, at 8:31 AM, Randall Hicks <healey100m at me.com> wrote:As I understand it, as early as autumn 1953 "Le Mans modifications" and “Special Tuning equipment" parts were available from the DHMC. These could be bought outright, through dealers or DHMC installed. According to Piggott’s Austin-Healey 100 in Detail, the P280 Le Mans Kit (as a complete package) was released in October 1955. If others have documentation showing different, I would be very interested is seeing it. Secondly, OEW duotone 100M were only done in OEW/Black with Black trim. There was no OEW/Lobella with blue trim as a standard factory option for the 100M. However, remember that 100’s could be ordered in special color or primer. This particular car, BN2L/232949, was originally a Black/Reno Red with Black interior trim and hood. See attached BMIHT Certificate. I looked at the car in 2008 or 2009 (?) when it was offered for sale by Jerry Bennsinger (OH). It was all OEW with blue trim at that point and I passed for many reasons. Randy Randy HicksChairman, Austin-Healey Concours Registry CommitteeAHCA 100 Registrarahca100registrar at gmail.comwww.austinhealey100m.com  
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