[Healeys] SU fuel pump --thanks!

Bruce Starke cardocgolden at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 20:10:21 MDT 2018

I went for a long drive today and can report that all is well! no fuel
starvation at higher RPMs and the engine just seems to run better
I do have the DK needles in the carbs , thanks David
By the way, I miswrote the octane level as 94 RON when it should have been
94 AKI (  98 RON)
Golden BC
1962 Tricarb

On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 9:14 PM Bruce Starke <cardocgolden at gmail.com> wrote:

> HI all, just wanted to give thanks to all the very knowledgeable listers
> who give so freely of their time and expertise. I hope to   have cured my
> higher rev range fuel starvation problem and I must give thanks to Kees for
> pointing me in the right direction with a comment he made on June 26
> " The AZX1307 is not the correct pump for the AH. The original on later
> cars was AUF300 series, mostly 301 but there are some variations. The
> replacement of the AUF301 is AZX1308 which delivers a higher pressure, if
> my memory is correct 3,8psi versus 2,7psi"
> That is when the figurative bulb over my head went on! I had replaced the
> fuel pump a couple of years ago but had not connected the 2 events ( fuel
> starvation and the new pump)
> I checked on my car and sure enough, I had the AZX1307 . I ordered  the
> AZX1308 and have just installed it --will try it out tomorrow once I am
> sure there are no leaks
> once again , thanks to all!
> Bruce
> Golden BC
> 1962 Tricarb
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