[Healeys] Portable battery jump starter

Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 02:34:40 MDT 2018

Hi John:


I am considering buying one also.  I discussed it with a friend who has a 5
bay garage. He is most impressed with the new jump chargers.  In fact, is
considering buying one of the very small ones to carry in his Harley.  He
suggests buying one with a 500mh minimum battery and up to 1000mh.  They get
more expensive as you add inverter, compressor etc. In 2 weeks,  I am going
to start my Summer Car (Chrysler 200 Convert) in Michigan with my friends
jump charger.  The battery is dead after a long cold winter.  Will let you
know how it goes.  Look at Harbor Freight for more reasonable prices.


Bob Begani


BJ8 67


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I would like to get a portable battery powered jump starter. They range in
price from cheap to expensive. Any recommendations?



John Spaur

San Jose, CA

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