[Healeys] Austin-Healey 3000S in Monterey Historics

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I assume this is the car Healeys bult for the Canadian distributor and 
was owned and restored by Bill Bolton back in the late 70s early 80s ? 
 It had a history racing in Canada by ??????  I cannot remember the name 
but it is reasonably listed in the cars history.


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  I didn't make it out to the track this year so didn't get a chance to 
see the races and only today watched the one-hour overview on CBS SN of 
the historics. I enjoyed watching the race with the mid-1950s production 
cars, which was won by a white Healey 3000 that they said had an "S" 
designation for "Sebring."

Does anyone know anything about this car or its owner and prep?



Gary Anderson
  Los Altos, California




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