[Healeys] A Mystery

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Thanks to everyone for the information!


The tank was removed, flushed, and cleaned.  (I did not have to imagine what it looked like, I saw it, and what a mess!!!!)  after cleaning, no inside coating was applied due to concern with clogging the line pickup filter or screen at the bottom of the tank.  After replacement of the tank, there was fuel flowing through the lines, but at a reduced rate.  A filter was placed between the tank and the pump, consequently it was easy to remove this filter and blow air directly into the fuel line and into the tank without going through the pump.


All is working great now.  If the filter is well secured to the tube, it is then more probable that the filter was just cleared of 25 years of “crud”.


Again, thanks for everyone’s information!




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I cannot find my photos of the filter on the end of the fuel tank pick-up, but as I recall, it was very well secured to the tube & it is unlikely that you could have blown it off. Also, as I recall, if you have an original style fuel pump, it has a check valve built into it which will prevent fuel from flowing backwards thru the pump. You may have damaged this depending on the air pressure you use when you blew backwards thru the pump. This might apply to after market pumps, too.


If the tank has been sitting for 25 years, imagine what it might look like inside! I would remove it & at the least, have it thoroughly flushed out. 

If the tank has ever been coated inside with one of those proprietary coating products is likely that the coating is separating & clogging the inlet screen.


Gary Hodson



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Would it be correct, that on my BJ8 that has been sitting for 25 years, when I blew the fuel line with air from the pump to the tank due to a clogged line or filter, and it suddenly opened up, I probably blew a clogged filter off the end of the pickup line inside the tank? 

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