[Healeys] A Mystery

Bob Simmen rsimmen at nc.rr.com
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Would it be correct, that on my BJ8 that has been sitting for 25 years, when I blew the fuel line with air from the pump to the tank due to a clogged line or filter, and it suddenly opened up, I probably blew a clogged filter off the end of the pickup line inside the tank?

Then, would it also be correct, that if I now have a filter between the tank and the fuel pump, the only negative would be that I now have just one more rattle?


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Mine was not an aftermarket tsnk.  It was an original.  It was filled with debris when I took it out. 
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All aftermarket tanks that I have taken a part did not have the slide over plastic screen. Its only a filter in a general sense as it will pass fairly large particles compared to any of the modern inline filters available today. Hey in the old days we didn’t worry to much about filtering things.  The engines leaked enough that you ended up running fresh oil (one quart at a time) between oil changes and the air filters basically kept birds out of the carbs.  Who would be concerned about microscopic bits that would pug up a carb needle and seat that hardly ever closed or a jet that changed delivered fuel volume every time the engine revved?  After all that consider that DMH only thought our precious little Austin Healeys would last about 10 years before they would be junk or junked! I had 52 years of ownership out of ours and its not showing its age to bad at 62 years and one month as of yesterday.

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Thanks.  I suspect aftermarket tanks may not have it.


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