[Healeys] George McHarris 100-4

Bruce Steele healeybruce at roadrunner.com
Tue Sep 19 23:05:22 MDT 2017

There's more on George's Facebook page.  I talked with him yesterday.  He
told me the estimate is around $45K+ at this point, but could go up.  May
need a whole new frame.  He'll have essentially a new car when it's done.

Bruce Steele
Brea, CA
1960 BN7

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I'm sending this request out on behalf of George McHarris.  George's 100-4
was hit head on this weekend and practically totaled.  George is ok other
than some bruises and a stiff neck.

George has the car down at Atomic Motors in Vegas, and they are set to begin
the arduous task of putting the car together again.

Unfortunately, many original parts are damaged beyond repair, and I'm sure
George will want to replace with NOS items rather than re-pops wherever he

If you have some NOS parts you are looking to get rid of, please contact me
and I'll put you in touch with George and Atomic.

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting Services, LLC

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