[Healeys] Thermostat runs with blanking sleeve

Steve B. Gerow steveg at abrazosdata.com
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You can run the Moss blanking sleeve with a thermostat. 

I had cut away the blanking sleeve except for the part necessary to cover the bypass port. I ran it with a 180 degree fail-open thermostat and 2 Moss rubber gaskets, one of which had the hole slightly enlarged to accommodate the increased thickness of the thermo plus blanking sleeve. 

Separately I had bought the BCS 160 degree robertshaw with soldered ring blanking sleeve. I modified this by replacing the t-stat with a 180 degree robertshaw with their ring soldered on. I'm now using that because the robertshaw has a much larger opening than the Moss fail-open.

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The blanking sleeve has a small lip that sits in the same recess as the thermostat. ?Not sure both the blanking sleeve lip and a thermostat together will fit and seal the cover correctly.Mike MacLean

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  On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 7:07 AM, Bob Haskell<rchaskell at earthlink.net> wrote:   Moss sells a thermostat bypass blanking sleeve.

I wonder if you could combine this with a "standard" thermostat to
approach the original with the sleeve?


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